Sunday, April 3, 2016

What to expect in for The Division Falcon Lost Incursion

The release date for the first DLC/Addon for The Division is right around the corner and will be out April 12th. This update will bring us the first Incursion of the game. This incursion is called Falcon lost and promises to be a challenge. It will consist of two difficulty levels which are Hard and Challenge mode. The Developers said that it is recommended that you have a piece if 31 gear in each slot before trying the Hard more. They also said that the incursion will require you to work with your team and play roles. You will need a Tank, Healer, DPS and Crowd Control to complete this mission. This mission also adds to the story of the game and prepares us for changes that are to come in the future (what ever that means). There is also Matchmaking for incursions and no weekly limits. They are however considered weekly challenges but the first time you complete it. you will get better or extra rewards.

Along with this update there are a few more things that will be introduced into the game.

Loot Traiding:
Players will be able to trade loot that they get from a boss. But there is a twist to this, you can only trade with players that were in your group while you killed that boss or completed that activity. So no, you will not be able to trade whats currently in your stashs with your friends or your crafted items.

Gear Sets:
Like most RPG games, gear sets are now going to be in The Division. These items will appear light green when they drop (not the same green as low-level items) but aren’t always a guaranteed upgrade for players that already have tailored high-end gear. These set pieces will be better than your typical high-end drop, but offer specific talent bonuses that will likely be more helpful for group settings, so rogues may or may not always benefit from this type of gear.

New Guns:
New guns that promise to be powerful are coming into the game. We do not know much more then that but Ubisoft says that wielding one of these could give you an edge in other areas of the game.

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Saturday, March 5, 2016

A rose i got deb tonight

photo taken by Alonzo West and shared via Instagram

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photo taken by Alonzo West and shared via Instagram

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photo taken by Alonzo West and shared via Instagram

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Rode VideoMicro

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016


photo taken by Alonzo West and shared via Instagram

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Big Zika Virus should not come to the US, But its already here in the United Sates!


The new big topics regarding outbreaks is called the Zika Virus. This is a virus which in a nutshell targets pregnant women and affects the unborn child. This virus causes the child to be born with a smaller head and brain and causes permanent brain damage. There is no cure and no vaccine to prevent the spread of this virus. The Zika virus is most common in Brazil. This outbreak has worried many people that the virus could spread world wide and eventually into the United States. The Health and Disease officials say this is unlikely according to this post.

I was just watching a report on CNN showing that the Zika Virus is already in the US and have been reported in about 7 states from California to New Jersey. Supposedly, this virus is being caused by mosquito’s. My question is this, if a person is infected, could the virus then be transmitted like a flu and become air borne?

Let me know your thoughts and what you think about this out break in the comments below.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What to expect from your DJI Phantom 3 when flying in a no fly zone


Entering a NFZ with your Phantom 3 and what to exspect.

When you get close to a no fly zone aka NFZ with your Phantom you will be prompted on the DJI go app that you are approaching the no fly zone. Your Air Craft will also display a LED code to also notify you of this. The LED code for the Phantom 3 will blink 2 long red and 4 quick green/yellow flashs depending on your position status. GPS is green and Atti would be yellow.

What is a No Fly Zone?

No fly zones or NFZ’s are spaces of air that have been reported as not allowing UAV’s to fly. This could be a Air Port, Stadium, or any other major place where it would be unsafe to fly. We should also expect this list of places to grow in the next few years. The GPS allows the air craft to know where these no fly zones are located.


If you would like to know more about this Topic please check out the official site by DJI explaining the No Fly Zones. If you have any questions about this please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Division Beta and Pre Order Information

Want to play The Division Early?

As part of the reward for pre ordering The Division, you get access to the Beta. Great thing is that the beta goes live this weekend (Jan, 29th) for all systems with the exception of the Nintendo Wii. One way you could try this game for free would be to pre order the game from Game Stop for 5 bucks. You would be able to play this weekend. Then if you dont like the game you could always cancel the pre order. Though, this is not a very honest thing to do and we dont suggest it. If you do get beta access to the game please let everyone know in the comments below what you think. I personally am a big fan of destiny and I bought my PS4 just so I could play The Division, so im super excited for this game.

tom clancy the division beta


What is Tom Clancy’s – The Division?

If you haven’t been paying attention to e3 for the last 3 years you may not know what this game is. Its a game created by UBI Soft that takes you into a post apocalyptic New York setting. Where you and a group of friends fight to survive. You can raid police stations, battle other groups of players for territory and more. Below is a short preview of the game so you can get a better understanding of why I am so excited for this game.

Looks great doesnt it?


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Monday, January 25, 2016

2016 will be the year of online video streaming

Alot of people have been saying that 2016 will be the year of online video streaming. Most of you probably think that this prediction is a little bit late and more like 2014 and 2015 were the year of online streaming. In some cases you are correct, but from an advertisers view 2016 will be seeing a lot more ad revenue from online video ads. Because of the last few years, youtube, netflix, hulu ect ect have grown at amazing rates and this has been noticed by company so much that most of the major company’s are now switching there cable advertising budgets over to online video advertising. This is great for everyone. we no longer need to be apart of a big time production company to make some money. We can now get a piece of this pie while sitting at our computers at home and walking around a store with our family’s.

In a report by Cisco there will be almost 1 million minutes of video shared every second. Video isnt just an important part of the online industry. video is the online industry. Many people are canceling their cable subscriptions and using hulu and netflix to watch movies and tv shows. youtube destroyed Hollywood to the point that most tv shows are now just vlogs (aka reality shows). Big company’s see this and we all can cash in on it. Start a youtube channel now and by 2019 you would of made enough money to buy me a cup of coffee. Facebook alone is generating 8 billion video views a day at the time of writing this. There never has been 8 billion views for the super bowl! I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t see youtube hosting the next super bowl actually. The ammont of time internet surfers has spent watching videos on youtube has increased by over 60% year after year for since 2012.

Dont take my word on it though, see what forbes had to say about this. CES 2016: Video Streaming — It’s Going To Be Big

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sky Mall

photo taken by Alonzo West and shared via Instagram

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